Thursday, May 14, 2015

Back link Pyramid

The backlink pyramid is one of the first backlinking strategies to be developed ever since Google began placing value on backlinks. 
The strategy allows you to send high-quality backlinks to your money site, strengthens those high-quality links, and improves the index rate of those backlinks.
Here, you can see a diagram of a backlink pyramid.
Tier 1
Tier 1 will you be your highest quality links. These links should be manually created Web 2.0’s or high PR blog posts. These links will be pointing directly
tier your site so you want to make sure they are not spams and have good diversity.
Tier 2
The second-tier of links will be medium quality links. Your second-tier of links will be pointing towards your first tier of backlinks only. The goal of the second-tier links is to strengthen the quality of your tier 1 points and improve the index rate of them. You will want to send multiple tier 2 links to each tier 1 back link.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Valuable Social Bookmarking Backlinks.

Dofollow High PR Social Bookmarking sites are undoubtedly one of the best sources of getting dofollow backlink and very effective to get more traffics.Social Bookmarking also increases link popularity in search engines
It helps in driving a targeted traffic to your website as well as to improve the PR – Page Rank of your website or blog. Its even helps in boosting the Alexa of your website pretty much. So order this GIG and use of dofollow social bookmarking sites and earn some quality backlinks which will give you good link juice.

The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, and other web sites is outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes, drive more traffic to your site and create valuable backlinks.
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